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The business services that we provide are designed around what we have learned are the primary building blocks of success. Through years of practical application we know that successful companies score very high in four primary disciplines so we position our services within those areas. Taking a lead from the project model created by W. Edwards Deming, we believe the same holds true for organizations and we position four critical silos of activity within an organization, which are: Planning, Execution, Reporting and Adjustment. A partial list of the services we provide are:


Planning is without question the most neglected skill and discipline of the average business. It is particularly true in small companies but unfortunately most business people in all sized companies will spend more time, and review more details planning a vacation than they spend planning out the various aspects that will lead to their business success. In American business we unfortunately place a premium on “doing” rather than planning. We tend to place a premium on being busy and we tend to devalue the process of carefully planning out our businesses. The result is often lost time and incalculable lost money from the resultant inefficiencies of a poorly planned business from start to finish.


Once your business is carefully planned out it's time to execute on those plans. Executing is generally the most rewarding part of business because you are not worried about whether you are doing the right thing or if you will be as profitable as you should be. You are just working according to the plans you have laid and in many cases this is the phase of business where worry takes a back seat to just getting the job done. Unfortunately, this can be the most critical and expensive stage of your business and will ultimately determine if you can make a profit and can continue to grow your business. Our expert team can assist in assessing and creating operational plans that can help you assess the execution phase of your business. Business process mapping and then establishing the proper forms of measurement can make the critical difference between success and failure.


Reporting is to business managers what vital statistics are to doctors. A doctor will quickly start examining a patient by checking their weight, temperature and blood pressure. He will then compare those readings to the readings of past visits to determine if further examination is needed so that remedies might be explored when needed.


Action, or reaction is essential to maintaining a healthy company. While planning is critical, even more critical is making proper adjustments to your plans when key performance indicators reveal that something has gone wrong or that adjustments need to be made. When a ship captain realizes he is off course, he must immediately make changes to the course so that the ship ends up where he originally intended. So it is in business when things get off track for any number of reasons.

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