Strategic Planning

In a small to medium sized business, it is hard to imagine having time to do any planning that is not strategic! Strategic planning typically refers to the process of creating a plan to take a company to its next level of growth. Whether a startup company, or a fully mature company that wishes to grow, strategic planning is the framework from which businesses execute their plans. Generally a strategic plan starts with a company’s mission and then the vision that they hope to achieve with their company. While strategic planning can take many forms, we like to start with a critical assessment of where the company sits today and then create a clear map from that point to their ultimate success. The result is plans that consider a company’s resources, the stakeholders and the various steps to reach their targets laid out and defined in clear, easy to follow and easy to measure steps that give a company a road map that can be followed by the entire company.

While we emphasize strategic planning, there are also many other occasions that companies need planning guidance whether considered strategic or not. We help companies through any planning process by clearly defining the objectives and breaking those objectives into steps that can easily be embraced by the team members and stakeholders. For those companies with advanced strategic planning needs, we also have on-line strategic planning software that can easily be deployed within companies so that their entire planning team can have a collaborative tool as they work through their projects and plans.

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