Fund Raising

We have all heard in business many times that “nothing happens until someone sells something”. While there was a lot of truth in that quote by Peter Drucker; there is evens more truth to the fact that “nothing happens without startup capital”!

Probably the number one request we get from businesses is to assist with the raising of capital for either startup or expansion. As economic times have created an environment where lenders are very wary and slow to provide business finance, it has become very challenging for companies to secure the financing they need to execute their business strategies. The key to raising capital is an understanding of what information to present to the specific audience that is being targeted. To secure financing you must have a clearly understood business plan that demonstrates to the lender or investor that you have thought through each step of your plan, realistic projections are required for lenders to believe that they will get their money back, and most importantly is to display why your company’s product or service is unique against the competition that you will face.

Our finance experts have helped our clients raise capital from Angel Investors, Venture Capital funds, Hedge Funds as well as major Wall Street firms. We have successfully raised capital for both private companies as well as public companies. We start with a well thought out business plan, a carefully constructed financial model with projections, cash flow requirements and debt service requirements. We then where necessary, create a professional Power Point presentation and an Executive Summary that clearly describes the business and then states the current need for capital.

Often we are then asked to assist in the presentation process and to find the available lenders and/or investors that might fit the needs of the specific capital request.

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