Financial Planning

Money is the ultimate barometer of any company so it only makes sense that financial planning is a key component of a healthy company. The only financial planning that many companies perform is when they are faced with the need to raise capital to either start or expand their business. A good financial plan however, is far more fundamental than an exercise for fund raising. Our finance experts help companies develop an easy to follow, yet comprehensive financial plan that will help companies guide their activities without falling into to cash flow short falls which is one of the most significant results of poor financial planning.

We start with realistic projections, then establishing budgets for the various activities within the organization, and then create a series of key performance indicators that are easy to measure on a periodic basis. These indicators become the bellwether of the financial plan and represent to a company the vital signs that can readily detect an early problem that might be avoided with a solid financial plan.

A doctor quickly assesses our health by checking several key vital signs and comparing those readings to those of past visits. This allows her to know if there is a need to do a deeper exploration or analysis. A healthy company will clearly know the vital signs of their company and will be taking the readings regularly to make sure that the company is healthy, but also to immediately be able to make corrective action before any potential problems become worse.

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