ERP Evaluation and Selection

There is no question or dispute that one of the most challenging tasks your company will ever face the selection of an ERP system to meet the needs of your growing business. The most common problems you will face when evaluating and selecting software are:

  • The company has never really created a process map of their current operations
  • They don’t have the internal expertise to discriminate one system from another
  • All of the demos look great and the audience is swayed by the “prettiest” presentations
  • The company has not defined their most essential need

Our experts have a systematic, common sense approach to evaluating and selecting systems. We hone in on the most critical elements of need and then quickly evaluate the market providers to develop a short list of available providers. We then work with our clients to understand which systems will best meet their current and future growth objectives. Finally, we use our knowledge of the industry to make sure that your company pays the least amount possible for the solution that you select. We are intimate with the industry and the vendors so we are always instrumental in negotiating the very best price for your company.

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