While Practical is not an actual recruiting firm, there are many situations where we can provide critical assistance where companies are in the process of recruiting executives and managers. Hiring key individuals can be a very expensive event and even more expensive is hiring the wrong individual that then later must be replaced.

Practical is frequently called on to perform an objective interview process for key individuals once a company's standard methods have narrowed the search down to a few qualified candidates. As a third party company, Practical is able to explore deeper and delve into candidates pasts in a much more comprehensive way than companies can do directly.

Another key service that our experts can provide is to create candidate tests for interviewers. A well designed qualification test that challenges and validates the candidate’s knowledge and experience can save hundreds of hours during the interviewing phase and can insure that the final candidates are well qualified for the position that is being filled. Assessment tests for candidates are created after understanding the position being filled and carefully interviewing management as to what attributes and skills the perfect candidate would possess. We then create a test that can be fairly administered to all candidates before the long process of personal interviews begin. Using this method, managers can be assured that the persons being interviews are well qualified and have the experience level to perform the job tasks.

Resumes can often be very deceiving and in many cases do not truly reflect a candidate's true capabilities. Only through a well-designed and tailored testing and interview process can an objective, efficient hiring process be executed.

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