Process Delivery Systems

Our Process Delivery Systems offer companies an operational roadmap of each of the critical operations within their company. We start by defining the various operations of a business and then assist each group manager in defining not only the mission of their particular department, but also the individual steps required to properly and efficiently perform their departmental tasks. When complete, the entire company has a process map and operations guidebook that clearly defines each person’s role in the successful execution of their business.

Most small companies and some larger companies do not have an operational plan that is actually documented. The result is typically unnecessary cost, too many employees and the frustration that is created from no clear definition of roles and responsibilities. This also creates a fertile ground for poor customer service and extended time to value when adding new employees who struggle to clearly understand their role within the company.

Our methodology for creating delivery systems will provide the standards, operating procedures and best practices needed to insure optimum performance within your organization. For each department within the organization the system creates a critical path checklist, outlines and actual scripted processes, documentation to answer questions that are most likely to arise, the necessary forms and collateral for each department, a template driven system for correspondence and necessary business documents and a system for creating the essential reporting for management to run their departments and to understand where corrections might need to be implemented.

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