Contract Review

Business contracts should always be finalized and reviewed by legal counsel; however many attorneys have never been entrepreneurs so the heart of many agreements end up getting lost in the hyperbole of lawyers who are paid for their time and not their results. Proper contract development and review is a delicate balance of structuring a transaction that properly weighs the risk against the cost, the performance standards to measure the contract by and how to react when things don’t go as planned.

While we are not attorneys, we work very closely with your legal staff to make sure that true objectives of key business contracts are addressed before going to the legal staff for final edit. We have been able to save companies thousands of dollars in legal fees by creating the deal points and carefully outlining the objectives of a contract prior to lawyer activity.

Spending a bit of time and effort up front can provide protection for your company against the typical disruptions and liabilities that arise from contract disputes which could have been easily avoided with a small amount of preventative care.

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