Product Selection

Selecting the right tool for a particular job is essential for using resources wisely and investing in assets that will perform the intended tasks and provide solid returns on investment for years to come. While many product selections are obvious and easy, there are those that can be very challenging and when the wrong selection is made, the impact can affect your company negatively for years.

Our most common product selection service is helping companies select the appropriate ERP or software platform for their company. Typically when companies are small and getting started, they don’t worry too much about what software they buy. As long as they have something that can generate invoices then they assume that they can deal with and select a more appropriate system later on when the business is more successful.

Product selection of complex products can be daunting when one considers all of the factors involved. For even a simple software selection there are many factors that drive a successful selection:

  • Do we host or install on premise?
  • Do we maintain the system with our own staff or rely on third party resources?
  • Do we install a Windows platform or a more proprietary make?
  • Do we allow internet access to our staff?
  • What features are essential to each department?
  • Do we need EDI?
  • Do we implement e-Commerce? Will we in the future?
  • Do we select the system that our competition has or try to do better?

The list of factors can go on for pages. Our experts can analyze what is really needed both now and in the future and then carefully guide your company through the selection process that ensures you not only have made the best selection, but that your total cost of ownership matches the stage of development that your company is currently in.

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