Technology Assessment

There is a very common phenomenon related to technology as businesses grow and expand. Companies typically start with very low cost technology and business software. When the company is small the operational issues are overcome by the fact that often there is more staff than business. Companies today often buy a low end product for their accounting, inventory control and such, yet as they grow, their operational needs start to out-pace their ability to overcome the weaknesses in their systems. Soon enough their inventory levels start to increase and the orders become more complex. Purchasing becomes more difficult because there are not tools to consolidate demand from various sources.

Sales commissions, human resource issues, MRP, job costing all start to burden the company with far more than the original systems they purchased can handle. They generally turn to departmental based paper systems or a hybrid of paper and computerized spreadsheets.

Since most of our staff has years of IT experience, we are very well qualified in the assessment of your existing technology to which results in:

  • A thoughtful and analytical view of your business processes
  • A barometer of the effectiveness of your existing systems
  • A vehicle for managers and staff to share their insights on what is needed
  • A technology roadmap to guide your efforts both present and future
  • Understanding the balance between staff and technology
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