Contract Negotiations

We like the saying that a good contract negotiation is when all parties walk away equally uncomfortable. This means that all parties have stretched to compromises and truly understand the position of the other parties involved. When the agreement is made, everyone should end up with a fair, yet favorable agreement.

The best price does not always equal the best deal. Sometimes deals can be negotiated so low that the vendor cannot afford to give the proper level of service and support so what seemed like a great deal at the contract signing table might not end up being a good deal at all. Our years of experience have developed into a great asset for our clients when structuring and negotiating important contracts. Customers and vendors can often slide beyond sound reason into emotional involvement which can jeopardize not only the contract, but also potentially the long term relationship between the parties.

Negotiation services include:

  • A detailed understanding of the proposed contract and the potential impact on the company
  • A review of pricing, terms and conditions
  • Resolution to any disputed terms or conditions
  • Research on industry standard comparisons
  • Verifying that the final agreement is viable for all parties

Our professionals can provide educated and strong negotiation service while staying objective and unemotional throughout the negotiation process.

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